This weekly prayer time will be focused on specific needs including:

  • CFBC ministry
  • Revival in the church
  • Spiritual awakening in our nation and the world
  • Government leaders and judges

Prayer guides will be provided to make your prayer time as effective as possible. The prayer day, beginning Wednesday mornings at 7am and ending Thursday mornings at 7am, will be divided into 30-minute slots. We want to pray for 24 consecutive hours, and we are asking you to fill one of these 30-minute time slots. The committment we are seeking is for one month. There is space for four people to sign up in each slot. Each month you will be given a new chance to sign up.

Fasting is encouraged during the 24-hour period, but not required. We will provide suggestions for non-food fasting during this 24-hour period as well. 

Click this link to sign up for your 30-minute time slot.

Click here to access the Prayer Wall and Prayer Guides