Mirror Image - Galatians, Part 2


False apostles infiltrated the Galatian churches and perverted
the purity 
of the gospel. The same problem is present today. Studying
Galatians will help you know how to stand firm in your faith, guard
against false teaching and live in the freedom of Christ.

Ladies, we look forward to you joining us for this Bible study
rich in knowledge of Him. We will meet each Wednesday at two different
times, choose one that works with your schedule. We will email you
soon with the rooms we will meet in.

Galatians Study Guides will be available for purchase in the
bookstore by Sunday, January 5th.


  • Deedee Berry
  • Brittany Smith
  • Kim Spencer


  • Jennifer Goodwin
  • Carol Unrine
  • Eden VanderHook

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