Ladies, join us for our special, annual event to prepare for and kick off the Christmas season.
We will have dinner, fellowship, and worship with guest artist, Jonny Diaz.

Tables are listed with the name of the hostess who is decorating the table. Click a blue link to reserve your seat at that table.
Once tables reach 3 seats left or fewer, it will be indicated under the table name. If a table is full, please choose another one.

Table 1: Tammy Mullins

Table 2: Barbara Gassaway
Table 3: Darlene Herring Table 4: Open Table
Table 5: Carol Unrine Table 6: Staff/Church Plant Wives

Table 7: Darlene Stroud

Table 8: Meg Payne
(1 seat left)
Table 9: Candace Dunlap Table 10: Kirsten Dobson
Table 11: Open Table Table 12: Honey Sammons
Table 13: Amy Baker Table 14: Joy Lambe
Table 15: Open Table
(1 seat left)
Table 16: Rita Black
(1 seat left)

Table 17: Dedee Berry

Table 18: Open Table
(1 seat left)
Table 19: Kelly Riley Table 20: Vicki Van Doren
Table 21: Michele Brown Table 22: Carolyn Skrocki
Table 23: Candy Crane Table 24: Amanda Huffman
(1 seat left)
Table 25: Jan Whitehead Table 26: Sharon Marr
Table 27: Waycaster/Driver Table 28: West/Malone
Table 29: Moriah House Table 30: Moriah House
Table 31: Vincent/McDonald Table 32: Smith/Shirkey
Table 33: Mandy Gallo Table 34: Dettelbach/Jennings
Table 35: McGill/Carothers Table 36: Open Table
(2 seats left)
Table 37: Biggs/Daniel Table 38: Terri Oliver
Table 39: Kelley Saldo
(2 seats left)
Table 40: Jennifer Goodwin
Table 41: Jean Ann Rush Table 42: Anita Adams
Table 43: Barbara Gassaway
(1 seat left)
Table 44: Steffeny Sheals
Table 45: Jennifer Dearman Table 46: June Clark
Table 47: Pam Amick Table 48: Debra Fisher
Table 49: Belinda Lambert
(1 seat left)
Table 50: Rhiannon LeClair
Table 51: Open Table